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TV Tonight: Mad Men, American Odyssey


Mad Men (AMC)
  • Mad Men (AMC)

What's new on the tube tonight:

Mad Men (AMC) Spring Premiere: No spoilers here: Mad Men showrunner Matthew Weiner has placed so many “don’t talk about ______!” demands on TV critics about the second half of the final season’s opener, “Severance,” that there’s little point in even bothering to preview it. Like, if I revealed that the series has moved forward in time to the mid-‘70s, with Don Draper as a moustachioed waterbed salesman still in existential crisis and … Excuse me, that’s AMC calling on Line 1 …

American Odyssey (NBC) Series Debut: A soldier (Anna Friel, Pushing Daisies) uncovers a corporate/military conspiracy after being left for dead behind enemy lines in the Homeland-meets-Traffic-meets-Strike Back drama that's as confusing and ugly as the hyphens suggest. American was recently tacked onto the original Odyssey title presumably to cash in on some of that American Sniper patriotism swell, but the premiere episode is such a dirty, muddled mess that it’s tough to tell if it leans pro- or anti-‘Merican. Which could work on cable, but American Odyssey might be too much of a heady slog for network TV, no matter how hard NBC attempts to rebrand the series as a Mother Fights to Reunite With Her Family drama instead of a multi-layered political thriller.