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In The Loop: 4/4/15. Good Day For a Tire Swing

A look at events from April 10-18


Hello to all you short-wearing, sunglasses-dusting, hat-bending, beer-chilling, porch-sitting, about-damn-time-it-became-spring enthusiasts! Well, after surviving one of the driest versions of Hoth ever, and somehow making it out of another inversion without choking ourselves to death, spring arrived! So of course it has officially become allergy season. Can we just go one damn season around here without an entire weather-related catastrophe plaguing the common folk of the city? In lieu of a 337 update, most likely because that plot of land is finally being turned into a garden, here's a random tire swing from downtown SLC.


Getting to events, the first part of this week is primarily concerts, so skipping to April 10 the city of Ogden will be hosting Ogden Restaurant Week. It works kinda like the Done-O-Round they have in SLC every year, where select locations will be offering comprehensive meals for cheap so you can hit up a place every day of the week and get a sampling of what's around you for less than the standard dinners would be. Hit up their website to get a complete location list.


Meanwhile that same day in SLC, we'll be taking part in the Questival. Simply put, the outdoor retail company Cotopaxi is throwing a social media scavenger hunt in and around Salt Lake City, where you'll be showing what a full day in SLC truly is through activities and charity work. Participants get a backpack as part of the ticket price, and a chance to go to the world championship later this year. Check out the ticket link for more details.


In Farmington, that same day will be the Geek Boutique, taking place over at the Legacy Events Center. This is one of the few shopping opportunities for locals that isn't confined to a convention floor with a ticket price to browse, as you'll have the chance to look over table after table of locally made geeky merch. The event will run from 5-10 p.m. and is absolutely free to check out, visit this link to find more details on retailers.


April 10 continues to get busy into the evening, back in SLC the Sugar Space will host a two-night performance from Norwegian choreographer Karo Hoaas called "One." This is actually a nice addition to the relocated performance center as Hoaas doesn't do a ton of performances in the U.S., making it a rare opportunity for dance lovers to see. Check out the info in the picture below for tickets.


A few blocks east of them, the AFLA will be throwing their "Bands For Babes" benefit show that evening as well. Taking place int he Art Garden of the SLC Arts Hub, the non-profit will be putting on a four-band show to benefit women who are currently in need of women-related clothing and feminine products at the Road Home. Show kicks off at 7:30 p.m. and is just a $5 donation to get in (or the donation equivalent on the poster).


On Saturday, April 11, the Utah Dance Film Festival will kick off at the Provo Library. This festival did really well last year and it is really awesome to see it make a comeback for its second year. The name kinda says it all, you'll be seeing several dance performances put on film as they're judged for awards. Film buffs and dance lovers should make an effort to see some of these films sometime between Noon-9 p.m. this Saturday.


On Monday, April 13, loveDANCEmore will once again take over the Masonic Temple for their monthly Mudson performances. For April, the lineup will feature works-in-progress by Brad Beakes, Amy Freitas, Efren Corado Garcia, Solange Gomes/Tablado Dance Company, Michele Medina and Alysia Ramos. The show is absolutely free to attend and starts at 7:30 p.m.


The middle of next week is pretty much concerts and release shows, so we'll bolt to Saturday, April 18, with the Spring Festival in Provo. Presented by Provo Recreation, this is essentially a day-long festival where you can experience the entire community in one area. Provo-centric music, food, community leaders, outdoor activities and food will all be available for you to check out and possibly indulge in longer than just that day. The festival is absolutely free to attend at Rock Canyon Park.


Also on Saturday, the Bboy Federation returns with their fifth season of league competitions. Operating out of their home back int he SLC Arts Hub, the group will return to 3-on-3 competitions, but there's a twist to this year's competition. No old-schoolers allowed. That's right, if you've been dancing in the scene for over a decade, you're out! The group are inviting a new set of performers to the stage to compete and show off their bboy skills without being muscled out by seasoned vets. No hate or disrespect, just a shot for the next generation to step up. Visit their website for more info and to sign up.


And then finally the annual Queer Prom returns to the downtown library for 2015. For those LGBT youth who may not be able to attend to attend their own high school proms, because we're still backwards thinking in education at multiple levels, this is a chance to join your fellow LGBT members for a proper prom done in style. Visit the Pride Center website for more details.


As for the blog, as always it is a toss up as to what we'll have for the next couple weeks, so you'll just need to check back here every other day to see what's up. As always, we'll see what happens.