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Movie Reviews: The Longest Ride, Woman in Gold, Danny Collins

Also: Kill Me Three Times, A Tale of Winter


Nicholas Sparks romance, feel-good comedy-drama and an attempt to recover art stolen by Nazis: A little something for everyone at Utah movie theaters this weekend.

Scott Renshaw finds the familiar romantic melodrama of Nicholas Sparks a bit mellower in The Longest Ride (pictured). Helen Mirren shines as a Jewish refugee trying to recover family treasures in Woman in Gold, but the paper-chase plot soon grows tiresome. Al Pacino—as a nostalgia-act pop star trying to recover his integrity—leads a terrific cast in the surprisingly satisfying Danny Collins. Faith-based movie-making gets a good example of how to do it right in Freetown, the fact-based story of Mormon missionaries trying to escape civil war in Liberia. Eric Rohmer's 1992 drama A Tale of Winter finally gets a U.S. release, following a single mother still clinging to a long-ago romance. And the knock-off Tarantino trend of the mid-'90s gets an unwelcome revival with Simon Pegg as a hired killer in the derivative, unpleasant crime thriller Kill Me Three Times.

In this week's feature review, Scott Renshaw enjoys Noah Baumbach's ongoing concern with the comedy of generational angst in While We're Young.

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