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TV Tonight: Daredevil, Elvis Costello: Mystery Dance


Daredevil (Netflix)
  • Daredevil (Netflix)

What’s new on the tube and streaming thingys tonight:

Daredevil (Netflix) Series Debut: Chances are you’re already halfway through the 13 episodes of Daredevil’s debut season—or completely done, if you’re a special kind of binge freak. Netflix’s dark and violent version of Marvel’s blind-lawyer-turned-crimefighter tale goes a long way toward erasing the memory of a certain 2003 Ben Affleck crapfest, if not that damned Evanescence song. Really, who needs to go outside this weekend, anyway?

Elvis Costello: Mystery Dance (Showtime) Documentary: Seems like veteran singer-songwriter/unlikeliest rock star on Earth Elvis Costello should rate more than an hour, but Mystery Dance is better than nothing. Remember, in the immortal words of David Lee Roth, “Critics like Elvis Costello because they all look like Elvis Costello.” And now they look like circa-2015 David Lee Roth.