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Local Releases: Hitting the Alternative Nerve

New local music from Apt, Astronomer, TwinPectol and more


The weather may have killed a lot of your enthusiasm to head out, but that's totally cool, there are only a few local releases to discuss this week and only two release shows among them. We'll start with the three online albums, the first one being from an SLC duo called TwinPectol. The name actually describes the band perfectly as it's a pair of twin brothers playing all the instruments: Ian and Ethan Pectol. There's some footage of them playing and recording at home which is pretty cool, they're very good musicians who will only get better with time. They released their debut EP called The Mission back in February, but have now released an unfinished album they made in high school called Starts With Z. Unlike the EP, this si totally instrumental and shows where they came from before the EP hit. You can download both for whatever you'd like to pay on Bandcamp.


Next up is the latest from the Terence Hansen Trio. Hansen himself is an accomplished musician using a unique twin-necked guitar to give his songs a little extra "umph." Working together with fellow busy-as-hell members Shaun Thomas and Richie Vazquez, the trio have Voltron'd themselves into a light alternative band that doesn't match anything else we have going on at the moment. The gang released an EP last February called Axi that was pretty cool, this time around its a full-length release titled Some of My Ghosts..., which you can pick up for whatever you want to pay on their Bandcamp.


While we’re talking alternative music, we have a demo album from Provo alternative duo Astronomer. The combined talents of Alex Ownejazayeri and Scott Malmberg make up this somewhat indie/somewhat folk kind of sound that hits a happier nerve in the long arm of alternative music. The two came together and recorded this 5-track demo EP called When I Leave in their dorm room earlier this year, and it sounds pretty damn good for a DIY album. You can download it for whatever you’d like on Bandcamp.


Getting to release shows, tonight in Provo we’ll see the latest from hip hop artist Apt. A member of the House Of Lewis, Adam Hochhalter has been busting his ass in Provo for years trying to bring a stronger hip hop and rap presence to Utah County, making music on his terms and not really catering to what anyone wanted him to do to “fit in” with he music scene happening there. That attitude has helped earn him a cult following and made the man a standout performer, whether by himself on with the rest of the Lewis gang. The last time we saw a release was clear back in 2012 with his full-length album, Do Your Self In. This time around he brings the heat with his new album, (almost), featuring people such as Dusk Raps, Nate Pyfer and Tyler Glenn joining in the fun. You can already download a digital copy from Bandcamp, but I highly suggest getting down to Provo and seeing his release show live at Velour tonight. Coral Bones, Deadtooth and NA-G will open the show, tickets are just $8 and doors open at 8 p.m.


And finally tomorrow night we see the latest from SLC band Trigger & Slips, who I won’t need to touch on much, because we already covered them in this week’s issue of City Weekly. After you read up on them there, go check out their show at the State Room tomorrow night where you can snag a copy of their latest EP, Buffalo vs. Train. Tickets are $15 and the show starts at 9 p.m.


Love music, head out, buy local!

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