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Movie Reviews: Clouds of Sils Maria, Merchants of Doubt


A drama about a middle-aged actor and a documentary about the deliberate efforts to create policy confusion compete this week in Utah theaters with a little movie about super-heroes fighting a robot.

Scott Renshaw acknowledges needing another couple viewings to absorb all the ideas in the brilliantly-acted Clouds of Sils Maria (pictured), with Juliette Binoche as an actor facing a turning point in her career while preparing for a project with her assistant (Kristen Stewart). Robert Kenner's Merchants of Doubt effectively captures the world of spin doctors deliberately confusing the public about big issues, but misses a chance to stay focused on its mot interesting subjects.

In this week's feature review, Scott Renshaw finds Avengers: Age of Ultron wrestling through its Marvel Cinematic Universe world-building to tell a fascinating story about what makes humanity worth saving.

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