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TV Tonight: Extant


Extant (CBS)
  • Extant (CBS)

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Extant (CBS) Season Premiere: Yes, really. Last summer's debut season of Extant was technically a hit, even if everyone was just tuning in to watch incredulously as Halle Berry slogged through her most WTF? role since Catwoman. Season 2 picks up six months after Not Without My Space Baby, with ex-astronaut Molly Woods (Berry) escaping a psychiatric hospital to investigate a series of murders seemingly carried out by the aliens she thought she'd stopped from invading Earth. In keeping with Extant's promise of a "sexier, edgier" season, Molly's boring husband (Goran Visnjic) has been sidelined in favor of a roguish bounty hunter (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) with a Fox Mulder-like taste for weird cases, and the new partnership actually produces some sparks. Ignoring remnants like Molly's annoying robo-kid (seriously, just return him to SkyMall), Extant might just redeem itself this season. I can't believe I just typed that, either.


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