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Burbank Missed

Mysterious street poster campaign calls for SLCPD chief's return


  • Stephen Dark
On the corner of 1300 South and West Temple, in front of a 7-Eleven convenience store, a large white poster in the form of a police badge proclaims: "Bring Back Burbank."

The call to reinstate former Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank by unknown individuals with a taste for the artfully dramatic comes as a surprise, of sorts, to former Chief Burbank. "I don't have any idea," he says, about whom might be behind the campaign. While he has received a number of calls about the signs, he has yet to see the signs in person. 

City Weekly spotted another sign on a pillar by the entrance to Interstate 15 on 1300 South. 

When asked if he would want his old job back, Burbank says he's always open to discussions but is happy pursuing nonprofit work "at national level," focused on a law-enforcement database. 

He is pursuing legal action over his salary, he says, but not "necessarily over what happened," with regard to his June 11, 2015, dismissal from the force by Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, in the wake of long-running sexual harassment allegations against Burbank's former Salt Lake City deputy chief, Rick Findlay. 

Burbank says he never pursued politics when he was chief and attributes this approach to why some are rallying to his cause and seeking his return to the post. "People are responding to that and that's what makes me happy," he says.