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In The Loop: 9/19/15. #GamingForACause

A brief look at events from September 20 to October 3


Hello to all you button-mashing, energy drink-slurping, neck-adjusting, sound-blazing, jump-scaring, fund-raising, doing-something-fun-for-a-good-cause enthusiasts! If you haven't been following my social media over the past few days, as I write this I'm currently taking part in the Entertainment Is Dead 24-hour gaming marathon. As you can see from the picture below, several gamers set up shop to stream live on their own feeds and the main podcast feed to help raise funds from channel viewers for the Utah Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America. If you've ever looked up lupus on the web, you know that it is a shitty disease in which there is no cure, so research into the problem is a necessity. Because of my participation in this event, this post is going to be short and sweet, with a list of events you should check out below. But the main focus is to encourage you to donate what you can, as local gamers aim to help out a local chapter helping out a bigger problem. Enjoy the events below, we'll check back with you in two weeks. As always, we'll see what happens.


September 22: Avant-Garde Comedy Night @ Mo's
September 24: Open Mic Poetry Slam @ Muse Music
September 24-26: Salt Lake Comic Con @ Salt Palace
September 25: You've Gotta Be Kidding @ 50 West
September 25: No Hope For Humanity Live Recording @ Brewvies
September 25: Provo Live Party @ Liberty Square Apartments
September 26: Fall Open Studio @ Poor Yorick
September 26: When She Speaks I Hear the Revolution @ Jitterbug Coffee
September 26: Dungeons & Comedy @ Muse Music
September 27: Geek Show Movie Night @ Brewvies
September 30: Made In Utah Festival @ Red Rock Brewing
October 2: 2nd Annual Ogden OM Fest @ Fort Buenaventura

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