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Local Releases: Profound Acoustic Balads

New local albums from Deadtooth, BrickWalker, Dario and more.


After cleaning house last week, we're back on track with album releases for October, including two release shows coming up over the next few days. We'll start with online releases and the first one up is from Dario. This is a local emcee and producer who tends to go more toward beatbox and alternative jams. He's got a fantastic debut EP called illMatters featuring local talents like Chance Lewis, Donnie Bonnelli, and Don Euriel. You can snag a copy for $7 on Bandcamp.


Next up is Bryon Friedman, a single/songwriter out of Park City who mainly performers acoustic pop. Very much the kind of light-hearted sound that gives you a foot-tapping sensation, very much traveling music when you're headed off into the desert somewhere. He previous released an album called River's End back in October of 2011, now four years later we have his sophomore album, Road Sodas. You can download a copy for $11 on his Bandcamp page.


While we're talking acoustic artists, we also have the latest from Ursidae, an SLC-based singer/songwriter who has been performing since around 2009. He has a full-length album called Hopeful that he released back in late 2013, as well as a couple EPs over the past two years. His latest album, Tell Them We Said Goodbye, is primarily him recording a DIY album is his private space, no trickery or masterful edits here, it's bare-bones acoustic. You can snag a copy for whatever you'd like to pay on Bandcamp.


The last of the online releases comes to us from BrickWalker, a five-piece blues-rock band out of St. George. The group is comprised of  Max Wiltbank, Connor Houchen, Chase McClung, Tyler Huff and Zach Wiltbank. You can definitely tell they're just starting out and finding their niche, but the grittiness behind it makes up for the time together so far. Their debut EP, Blu Unk, is available for $4 on Bandcamp.


Getting to release shows, the first happens tomorrow night down in Provo as we see the latest from Deadtooth. This is a five-piece Alpine band featuring Creed Haymond, Joel Brown, "Schuyler," Eric Stevens and Danny Brown, playing mostly a pop-influenced kind of garage rock. They originally had a full-length album out in 2009 under their previous band name, The Yaks, followed by a 2012 EP called Evil Girl after they changed their name. They've been busy over most of 2015 working on their first official full-length under the current name, which will also be a self-titled endeavor. You can snag a copy of the album Saturday at Velour as the band releases their album with Seve vs Evan and The LoveĀ§trange opening the show. Tickets are $8 and the door opens at 8 p.m.


Finally, looking ahead to October 22, we have the latest from Laken Quigley. The name may sound familiar to Utah County fans, but Quigley is kind of an enigma to anyone outside that scene. She's an amazing solo performer with a lovely voice, the kind of voice that makes you think you've heard this before on a CW-based show during a tender moment. She's had a few random singles released, but all of them online and very sporadically, and beyond Soundcloud she seems to have gone out of her way to not have an online presence of any kind. You can pick up a copy of her debut EP, Small, next Thursday at Velour as she opens for Flannel Graph and Dustin Christensen. Tickets are $8 and doors open at 8 p.m.


Love music, head out, buy local!

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