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In The Loop: 10/17/15. Changing Themes

A look at events from October 18-31


Hello to all you anime-watching, costume-cleaning, line-standing, water-drinking, photo-taking, trekking-up-to-Layton enthusiasts! So as you're reading this post, I'm up in Christopher Layton's hometown taking pictures of Anime Banzai, most likely with many of you reading this post, so this post is going to be rather short. In fact, come to think of it, this has been the trend the past couple months as the weekend has been completely busy every time these Saturday posts come around. Considering that I don't foresee a future where they won't be this busy until the holiday season is over, I think its time for a change and that change is that this is how the Saturday posts are going to look from now on. Unless I'm ranting about something these posts are usually just for events you should be checking out that you may never have heard of, so we're going to keep that theme going with a shortened list and no descriptions. If and when the time comes to rant about something, I'll be sure to make time for it here or in another blog post, but for now please enjoy this random picture from Anime Banzai and be sure to check out the events below. Check back with me on Monday for what happened at Gallery Stroll.


10/19: The Sound Of Provo at Velour
10/19: October Mudson at Sugar Space
10/23: Taste Of Latin America Festival at Library Square
10/23: Velo Weekend at Velo City Bags
10/23: Create Reel Change at The Woodshed
10/24: 5th Annual Great Salt Lake Yoga Festival at Raddison Hotel
10/24: Yart Sale at SLC Arts Hub
10/24: Battle Of The Bands finals at Muse Music
10/25: Geek Show Movie Night/Costume Contest at Brewvies
10/26: An October Evening at The Tower Theater
10/27: Demon Chaser at The Tower Theater
10/29: Open Poetry Slam at Muse Music
10/31: Noise Punk Halloween at The Underground
10/31: Punk Rock Halloween at Diabolical Records
10/31: Studio 54 Halloween Party at Rose Wagner