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In The Loop: 1/9/16. A Cavalcade Of Weather

A look at events for January 10-23.


Hello to all you fog-clearing, ice-walking, sidewalk-slipping, snowflake-counting, wind-gusting, wait-10-minutes-because-its-Utah-saying enthusiasts!

You know you're doing fantastic as a writer of all things media when you're dipping into the local weather as a kickoff for a blog post. Nothing says "I'm mentally running on fumes" more than looking at your audience and your usual topic-grabs and thinking to yourself "You know what will snag this gang? Icy road talk!" Basically, unless you're being a watchdog to see who is coming to town for the next convention, or you're pre-salivating over the Twilight Concert Series picks, there really isn't a lot of news going on at the moment. Below the photo of a show I attended at Kilby Court last night (more on that Monday) are events for the next two weeks that I recommend you check out. As for the blog, we've got some interesting items coming around you might dig that are going off the beaten path. As always; we'll see what happens.


1/10: Salon at The Sugar Space
1/14: Product Hunt at Big Door
1/14: Cocktail Soiree at The Parlour
1/14: KUER Conversations: Pollution Gets Personal at City Library
1/14: Channel 801: January Showcase at Mod A-Go-Go
1/15: Salt Lake Gallery Stroll
1/16: Long Live Art! Kickoff Party at UMFA
1/20: WRD Info Night at The Derby Depot
1/20: Temple 2nd Anniversary at Area 51
1/21: Comedy! And Other Opinions at 50 West
1/22: I Am Salt Lake (Live) at 50 West
1/23: Geek Therapist Live Recording at Watchtower Cafe
1/23: Hello Sweetie 200th Episode Extravaganza! at 50 West
1/23: When She Speaks, I Hear the Revolution Open Mic at Jitterbug Coffee
1/23: Ogden Film Festival Opening Party at Alleged