In The Loop: 2/20/16. What If We Just Set It On Fire? | Buzz Blog
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In The Loop: 2/20/16. What If We Just Set It On Fire?

Events for you to check out from Feb. 21 to March 5


Hello to all you weather-watching, smog-inhaling, car-defrosting, rain-gathering, snow-falling, inversion enthusiasts! As of the moment I'm writing this, the sky looks vaguely clear and somewhat breathable. Though I must admit I'm one of the many people currently hacking up a lung and various colors of phlegm from all the chemicals in the air. I wonder if it would be possible to just toss some methane up into it and set that shit ablaze? Sure, the sky would be red for an hour and we'd know what the "end times" looks like for real, but we might actually be able to see what the real color of the sky is in winter. Below we've got two weeks worth of events for you to check out, but first, some randomly spray painted artwork on the sidewalks of downtown SLC.


2/21: Hello Sweetie! Brunch and Live Recording at 50 West
2/21: Card trading/Gaming Day at Watchtower Cafe
2/21: 12 Minutes Max at SLC Public Library
2/21: Meet Myriad Dance Co. at Millennium Dance Complex
2/22: 2nd Annual Battle of the Bands at Audio West
2/23: Improv 101 Classes at Sugar Space
2/23: Laughing Stock Auditions at Off-Broadway Theatre
2/24: A Funk 'N Good Comedy Show at Funk N' Dive
2/25: 2016 Homeless Youth Forum at The Leonardo
2/25: Product Hunt Utah at Church & State
2/25: Utah Fashion Week 2016 at Various Venues
2/27: Respawn Ready at University Union Room
2/27: When She Speaks I Hear The Revolution at Jitterbug Coffee
2/27: I Am Salt Lake Live at Watchtower Cafe
2/27: Dungeons & Comedy at Muse Music
2/27: Fetish Ball at Area 51
2/28: Red Carpet Gala at The Rail
3/1: 2016 Wild and Scenic Film Festival at Brewvies
3/3: Cat-Tail Hour at Salt Lake County Animal Services
3/4: 2nd Annual Beard & Mustache Competiton at Even Stevens
3/5: Thia Spring Fest 2016 at Utah State Fair Park
3/5: SheJumps Into the Canyon 2016 at Alta Ski Resort
3/5: KRW Project Series: The Rounds Workshop at The Sugar Space
3/5: 9th Annual Urban Chariot Pub Crawl at Various Bars
3/5: Creator's Grid at Metro Bar