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Local Releases: Baker's Online Dozen

Brand new music from Dirtbomb Devils, Black Jupiter, The Infernal and more.


As we hit the end of February, we only have one local release show happening this weekend. However, there isn't much info on it, and the band releasing it (The Loners) has been quiet and unresponsive to us hitting them up. If you want to see what they've got cooking, their show is March 3 at Kilby Court. But fret not: We've still got a dozen local albums for you to browse through this weekend that were released online. Enjoy the stack we've cultivated for you below and catch us next week for an array of shows. 

Vinny Steez - Tha Dope Shyt
UFO TVElectric Life Light Show
Dirtbomb Devils - The Devil is in the Detail
Liberal ShimmeringInquiry


The Infernal - Coagulare (EP)
Robert Carty - Being Here
Darkus R. - SDP Album 3 (EP)
MindBody&Beats - nowadaze. (EP)


Black Jupiter - The Nightmares (EP )
Hans Monument - Passport Kaleidoscope Brain Bottle Roof Festival
Sky As Skin - 10,000 Beautiful Lakes


Love music, head out, buy local!


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