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The Pipeline: Mighty Mouse

A review of Logitech's G502 Proteus Spectrum



For the hardcore PC gamer, there are a select group of companies they can count on to produce quality accessories that work well and won't break in a few months after massive hours of use. One of them is Logitech, which for years has been busting out improvements to its G-Series—a product line of keyboards, controllers, mouses, headphones, speakers and other accessories designed specifically for gamers, and are often the gear you see Logitech-sponsored gaming teams use in competition around the globe.

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The latest addition to the series is the G502: the Proteus Spectrum, an RGB turntable gaming mouse, an upgrade from the 502 Proteus Core that was released last year. Logitech's Technical Marketing Manager, Andrew Coonrad, touts this model’s PWM3366 sensor, which helps offer a wide range of DPI and accuracy. The Delta Zero technology built within improves the tracking without taking away any acceleration. In essence, it creates better surface tuning for the sensor.

Another feature that caught our eye is the improved scrolling wheel. With a click of a button, I can have the standard ratchet effect for selection, or I can switch to a hyper scroll for high-speed rolling, with an optical sensor that calculates the scroll.

One of the bonuses thrown into this design is the optional weights—a set of six 3.6 gram weights that can be distributed throughout the device for added comfort, control and force behind users’ movements. Logitech and other companies have offered weights for years, but this particular one comes with the weights uninstalled to allow users to customize their preferences before they game.

As for gameplay, the mouse has many bonuses and well as some minuses. The good news for sharp shooters: This is your new must-have toy. The accuracy it allows for sniping in games like Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield Hardline, and even older games like Far Cry 3, is uncontested. The DPI accuracy will significantly help increase headshot intakes, while the added 2DP shift buttons will aid in run-and-gun methods.

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But its amped-up firepower can also become one of its drawbacks. When taken into games where the mouse is used there for a secondary purpose, the mouse can work against the average player. During testing on games like Gary's Mod, Death By Game Show and Depth, the mouse proved to be overpowering, and occasionally annoying if not cranked down. It can even get a player killed. A pro-gamer might chalk that up to a user’s inexperience with the equipment, but the average gamer could find the process of fine-tuning the mouse to be trying and aggravating.

Overall, it's a damned fine mouse, and well worth the cash if you're a pro-in-the-making looking for a new level of gameplay control. For the average gamer, it's a good mouse, but be forewarned: You will have more control wallop than you know what to do with, and if you're not ready to take it on, it could prove intimidating or make for a bad game experience.

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