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In The Loop: 8/6/16. Flickering In The Twilight

Awesome events for you to check out August 7-20


Hello to all you sweat-beading, tanktop-wearing, sunscreen-lathering, heat— ...Wait, what was that? Oh, yeah, the power went out at my place for 30 seconds, again. If you're a resident along the Wasatch Front, you've most likely been dealing with random outages here and there this summer, and depending on your location, you may be dealing with them frequently. Like me. Every damn day this week. So while I go invest some money in a green generator, here's two weeks worth of events for you to check out. But first, a little wall art from the side of Ken Sanders Rare Books.


8/7: 9th Annual SLC Zombie Walk
8/7: Utah Beer Festival Ticket Party at The Annex
8/9: Movin' On Up Open House at The Impact Hub
8/11: Marmalade Concert Series at Marmalade Public Library
8/11: Photography Fundamentals at SLC Public Library
8/12: Salt City Steamfest at UCCU
8/12: 5th Annual Cocktails for a Cause at Redwood Lounge
8/12: SteelFist Fight Night at The Complex
8/12: Unfinished Art Show at Bountiful Davis Art Center
8/13: Free Yoga In The Park at Liberty Park
8/13: Creator's Grid at Metro Bar
8/14: Reggae Rise Up Festival at the Utah State Fair Park
8/14: 12 Minutes Max at SLC Public Library
8/16: Create Reel Change Live August at Even Stevens
8/19: Beanstock 2016 at Desert Peak Complex
8/19: 3rd Annual Ogden OM Festival at Fort Buenaventura
8/19: Wasatch International Food Festival at UCCU
8/19: Ascension at Sugar Space
8/20: Potter Run 2016 at Veterans Memorial Park
8/20: 2016 Utah Summer Dance Festival at Viridian Event Center
8/20: 2nd Annual Honeypot Blown Glass Competition at The Art Garden
8/20: Foam Glow 5K at Utah State Fair Park