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Movie Reviews: Storks, Magnificent Seven, The Hollars

Author: The JT Leroy Story, Goat


Animated comedy and a Western remake hit multiplexes, while Sundance 2016 films including a cautionary drama and stranger-than-fiction documentary story take up residence in the Broadway Centre.

Storks (pictured) succeeds by aiming first to be a comedy rather than a generic family-friendly animated movie.  Author: The JT Leroy Story offers a fascinating documentary look at when the story behind a creative work shapes the way it's perceived.

Eric D. Snider shrugs at the generic Sundance-dramedy premise—Big City guy returns to his small-town family—of John Krasinski's The Hollars.

Victor Morton finds only scattered insight amid the righteous "TELL YOUR CHILDREN" pose of the fraternities-are-bad drama Goat.

In this week's feature review, The Magnificent Seven  delivers an old-fashioned Western story in a satisfyingly old-fashioned package.

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