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Local representation on clothing by a local music maven


If you live in Salt Lake City and doing everything you can to make the place better in the arts and entertainment communities, chances are you're a little proud of where you live. Sadly, unlike other major metropolitan cities, we don't have a ton of ways to show off local pride. (Unless you fork over $40 for a Salt Lake Bees hat.) Luckily for us, a brand new clothing line launched this month called Rep SLC, featuring shirts, hoodies, and even cell phone cases with cool art to show love for where you live. Today we chat with the founder, our old friend Roots Rawka, about starting up the business and what they have coming. (All pictures courtesy of REP SLC.)

Roots Rawka

Gavin: Hey Roots! How have things been since we last chatted?

Good Gavin, thanks for the opportunity to chat it up underground!

What other projects have you been working on over the past year?

Really, just promoting the Reggae scene and working with Makisi, a local Reggae artist in Utah. DJing here and there and working.


How did the idea to start a clothing line come about?

I've been selling shirts for awhile now. I had a little shop for a while and the REP SLC tees always did well. I don't think there's a lot of SLC-type tees, so I felt people liked having the chance to rawk something from the hometown. I wanted to share something Salt Lake City peeps can wear and rep.

What made you decide to go with REP SLC as the name and statement?

I first ran a REP SLC shirt that was similar to the RUN DMC logo and people were all about it, so I thought I would expand a little bit more. It was really an idea I got from another shirt but the reaction I was seeing from people surprised me so I thought I would keep it going.


What's the process been like getting all the artwork together?

Learning, haha! Doing things by my self but Looking for artists also.

What kind of challenge has it been launching the store online and getting the word out?

With today's technology it just takes some time and some reading. Super easy, though. If you have an idea you should put it out there and see what happens. I use Shopify to run my online store. For marketing, I'm taking the same route I've done for concerts I've put together. Flyers, social media ads, etc.


Can anyone submit a design for a shirt or are you being selective at the moment?

Would love to get some artwork! Anyone can submit something to

Are you going to remain online or are you looking to be sold in local retail soon?

Staying online, right now it's the best way to do it for me. Frees me up on time, money, and stress. Haha.


What can we expect from you and Rep SLC in 2017?

Looking to have REP SLC push a #saltlakecity hashtag campaign! My goal: Hitting one million #saltlakecity hashtags on Instagram before the end of 2017!