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Year Nine

Celebrating nine years of this blog. ...Yes, NINE!


So, here's the thing: This blog is one of the longest-running blogs in the state of Utah (if not the longest), and has actually survived longer than most journalism-related blogs in the country.

Not for a moment, in the entire time that I've been writing this blog, did I think it would reach this kind of apex. This isn't even bragging rights; it's simply an astonishing feat considering how many blogs come and go in the span of just five years, let alone nine. But as of today (Jan. 1, 2017), for nearly a decade I've been able to bring you interviews, every other day, covering more than 1,600 subjects revolving around local entertainment and business. Probably more, considering all the band interviews I've done, but that's for someone else to count. Amazingly, not one strip club in the bunch; I really should get on that.


Joking and self-high-fiving aside, I want to take this post to thank you, the readers. I know for a fact that if it weren't for all of you taking the time to drop in and read this blog, it wouldn't be a success. Hell, without your support, this thing would have died 18 months in after doing it unpaid until that point. One of the most astonishing things to me as a writer and a journalist is how many in our industry, especially people living in Utah, ignore the audience. It's an evil double-edged sword, where in one sense you have to do so in order to get the job done, but at some point, you have to open the proverbial window and listen to the people to get a sense of where you stand and how best you can serve them. I like to think I've done that by covering as much as I can, while simultaneously partying with you at night.

I won't lie: This year has been particularly hard, primarily from outside forces and Small Lake City drama that isn't worth talking about. But I've pushed through it, persevered and continued to work hard for you. And in return, you've stuck by me and continued to read everything I've written for you. So from the bottom of my heart: Thank You For Reading! Let's see if we can make this an even 10 and more. As always, we'll see what happens.