In The Loop: 2/18/17. Civil Unrest Is The New Black | Buzz Blog
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In The Loop: 2/18/17. Civil Unrest Is The New Black

Cool events to check out from Feb. 19 to March 4.


I personally can't recall the last time I scanned through events and saw so many protests. Wait, yes I can: the last time we elected George W. Bush and everyone was pissed off at everything. It seems as if every single day has a new protest for something, which is really awesome to see everyone getting active and involved and making their voices heard. But you know what would look really awesome? If we all just did it at once and filled the streets to capacity. That would be a monumental occasion in SLC.

Before we all go organize our next round of protests, here's two weeks of events for you to check out in between them. But first, here's a teaser picture from last night's Gallery Stroll, which we'll talk about more later.


2/19: 12 Minutes Max at SLC Public Library
2/19: Card Collecting & Gaming at Watchtower Cafe
2/19: A Night To Promise: Our Venues Must Remain Safe at Kilby Court
2/20: Radical Reading Group at Broadway Shopping Center
2/21: 2017 Banff Mountain Film Festival at Kingsbury Hall
2/22: 2017 Radio From Hell Film Festival at 50 West
2/22: Utah's Trailblazing Women at SLC Public Library
2/24: Wizarding Dayz at South Towne Expo Center
2/24: 4th Annual Utah Dance Film Festival at SCERA
2/24: SLC Unite at Fort Douglas Post Theater
2/25: Fisher Brewing Grand Opening
2/25: Anti-Trump Parade in Downtown SLC
2/25: Great Minds Gala 2017 at Church & State
2/25: POWER Pub Crawl at Poplar Street
2/25: Sustainable Living, Art, & Music Night at Jenkstars Casl
2/27: Salt City Slam ft Edwin Bodney at The Mandate Press
3/2: SaltCON 2017 at David Conference Center
3/2: Utah Music Festival Main Event at Various Venues
3/3: The Bee // On a Mission at Clubhouse
3/4: 10th Annual Urban Chariot Pub Crawl at Various Bars
3/4: UCW-Zero's 15 Year Anniversary Show at The Complex