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'I Love You From my Shower!'

City Weekly staffer receives sweet, hilarious daily text messages from her loving grandma, and now they’ve gone viral.


Sierra Sessions and her grandma, Linda Merrill.
  • Sierra Sessions and her grandma, Linda Merrill.

Think you have the sweetest, cutest grandma on Earth? This one will put her to shame.

City Weekly staffer Sierra Sessions receives daily text messages from Grams that include selfies taken in her living room, a bagel shop, the shower and other various locations, with a reminder of the love she has for her granddaughter.

"I love you from  Einstein Bagels!" one text reads. "I love you from my shower!" says another, accompanied by a topless selfie.

Sessions tweeted a series of screenshots of the texts,  and they have now gone viral, warming the hearts of around 500 (and counting) in the Twittersphere this past Tuesday.

“My grandma sends me these every day,” Sessions wrote in the tweet. “She is the purest thing on the earth and we have to protect her at all costs.”

Responses started pouring in almost immediately.

Sessions describes her grandmother Linda Merrill, as "hilarious" and "so innocent," and says they have a close relationship. They tell each other everything, and Sessions is even planning to get her name tattooed on her ankle.

Merrill has been sending her adorable and funny texts and selfies nearly every day since she got an iPhone  about a year ago. "I guess she just doesn't want me to forget what she looks like or something," Sessions says.


When Merrill found out about the viral tweets, Sessions says, she started cracking up.


"And now she's letting it get to her head. She's referring to herself as 'the internet sensation,'" Sessions says with a laugh, "and she'll probably post on Facebook about it later. She's obsessed with Facebook."