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Local Releases: My Sister's Unceremonial Drive

Brand new music from Joshua James, Lifeless Drive, OKOKKO and more


We've got one release show this week, spread over two nights, but boy is it an awesome show to put on the calendar. Meanwhile, let's look at the latest online releases to come out locally for your digital discography, then join us below for details on the shows.


- Artes Aterrimus (EP)
Dozerilla - OCHO CERO UNO
Pierre, the Lamb - I Want NOW (EP)
Drauszen - M15R05
ULTRA - Dark Light


Lifeless Drive - Galaxies
Epoch of Sorrow - Bearer of Witness (EP)
Peach Dream - Self-Titled (EP)
Cory Mon - Heaven Don't Let Me Down (EP)
Default Minds - Self-Titled (EP)


Church on Sunday - Satire for the Soul
Wesly - Framed Views of Surrender
R. Candall Lark - Don't Knock (EP)
Balls Capone - Equal Opportunity Apocalypse


The one show we have to talk about this week is from Joshua James, but I won't need to say much about it here, as you can read my article in this week's City Weekly on the man.  When you're done, you can head over tonight and tomorrow for one of two album release shows at Velour for his new album, My Spirit Sister. The Friday show is an intimate performance with seating, while Saturday's show is standing room only for a much bigger audience. Both shows are $10 and the doors open at 8 p.m.


Love music, head out, buy local!