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Movie Reviews: Rampage, Borg vs. McEnroe, Truth or Dare, Foxtrot

Beirut, Finding Your Feet, Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero


  • Warner Bros. Pictures
Mutant animals invade multiplexes this weekend, while art house offerings include a fictionalized account of a classic sports rivalry, a complex Israeli drama and a feel-good dramedy about sparring sisters.

Rampage's tale of giant animals attacking Chicago is sluggish enough at times that giant animals begin to feel like the least implausible thing about it. It's virtually impossible to guess from the first 20 minutes of Foxtrot where it will ultimately go—and that's what makes it so uniquely thrilling.

MaryAnn Johanson finds surprising emotion in the animated tale of the most-decorated military dog, Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero. The rivalry between two tennis legends is humanized in the unexpectedly moving Borg vs. McEnroe. Finding Your Feet provides a warm, complex portrait of two women struggling to make the most of the years that they have left. Nasty inhumanity is the only thing at which the supernatural horror dumpster-fire Truth or Dare excels.

In this week's feature review, Middle East turmoil is merely the backdrop for an American's redemption story in the frustrating Beirut.