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Music Live Extra Sept. 9


  • Mickie Winters
  • GRLwood

With a name that is not even as provocative as their bombastic, no-bullshit, call-out-heavy punk that oscillates between Bikini Kill-era shrieky garage grunge and stripped, surf-punky song constructions, GRLwood is a band to keep an eye on. This should be easy to do, since they’re rolling through the Urban Lounge in support of Portland-based freak folk legend Man Man, and playing with locals Palace of Buddies. Their newest album I Sold My Soul to the Devil When I Was 12 joins their first album Daddy as both a nitty-gritty response to heteronormative culture and a war-cry that “Kentucky-fried queerdos” as they call themselves (They are from Kentucky, after all) are very much present in the world, and here to take up ample space—their music invokes an elbowing through the crowd, a throwing your body around in a pit, as they scream and shriek with an intensity that knows no limits. Songs like “Take off Your Clothes” ripple with the terrifying emotions that come along with a coercion, a rape. Their other songs bleed a desperation and anxiety that also ripples with desire and pain; they obsess over crushes and worry about personhood. It’s all a lot, and it’s hard to imagine how captivating their live performance must be—so make sure not to miss this act for a surely wild time.  Urban Lounge, 241 S. 500 East, 8 p.m., $17 presale; $20 day of show, 21+,

Get to know SnowTown
18-year-old old SLC Soundcloud artist Jesse Garcia—also known as SnowTown—is on the rise with the kind of emotional, straightforward emo electronica rap that is so popular in Internet circles these days. His youth shows through, but that’s not a bad thing. On songs like his single “Roses” he reveals himself by singing, “Mom says I should be happier / Mom says I should write happier songs,” and goes onto vow that he will do it, which is kinda meta since he’s, in fact, singing the song itself. Still, he doesn’t quite write the happiest of songs, admitting, “Everything is beautiful / but everything is painful.” The song is even being used on the sensational-amongst-teens app TikTok, which for older folks contains short-form videos not unlike the now deceased app Vine. "Roses" was released Aug. 30, and he’s go an upcoming album, Ghost, fittingly out on Oct. 31. Listeners can probably expect this young artist to continue releasing songs like the rest on his Soundcloud: unabashedly emotional, bummed out, filled with all the angst of a teenager learning how to navigate the world. Luckily this one has his music as a conduit for all the madness that those years can cause. Stream “Roses” through this link