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Music Live Extra Nov. 11: Goth Prom, Amy Jade's Beehive Society


Amy Jade's Beehive Society - WHITNEY LEWIS
  • Whitney Lewis
  • Amy Jade's Beehive Society
Jade’s Beehive Society plays Amy Winehouse
A cover band for someone who is really, really good, someone whose music begs to be played live forever and ever ... well, that’s the best kind of cover band. Amy Jade’s Beehive Society realizes this, and keeps the gone-too-soon star’s music alive in a live setting with expert play by a skilled, 10-piece band founded by “local bass princess” Kya Karine, with vocals by Angie Petty. They’ll find a home this Thursday at Local Roulette at The Rabbit Hole. While usually the dark, swanky basement space that is The Rabbit Hole is filled with sounds of smooth jazz, Local Roulette is a night devoted to any top-tier local act, from blues, soul, brass bands, reggae, folk and even electronic music. Amy Jade’s Beehive Society (their name likely an homage to the famous Winehouse beehive ‘do) will fall right in line with a few of those genres, as the late and great crooner crafted such expert songs that pulled from jazz, soul and the blues that still tell of a chaotic, beautiful life lived with a wry sense of humor. If you’re missing Winehouse, and wishing to hear the sounds of her songs live once more or for the first time, don’t hesitate to head down The Rabbit Hole, grab a drink and enjoy the gift of Amy Jade’s Beehive Society’s tribute. The Rabbit Hole, 155 W. 200 South, 8:30 p.m., free, 21+,

Goth Prom 2019

I’m a firm believer that adults deserve more re-dos of things they did as kids, and prom is definitely one of those things. Enter Goth Prom, Area 51's fourth annual extravaganza angled towards those who didn’t quite fit in back in the day. My own high school prom experience involved being a pity, abiding by rural Utah pageantry laws and promenading around in front of a crowd of parents on a stage, and a defiant black backless dress in spite of all the floofy cupcake dresses worn by the Mormon girls around me. My nervous date did not know where to appropriately rest his hand. Seven years later, I’m thinking of whipping that dress out again to attend Goth Prom, but there’s a lot to compete for looks-wise at this event. Prom-goers go all out with vampy, outrageous looks, whether paired up as a couple, with friends or solo—because not only is this prom unconventional since it’s by and for goths and freaks, thank you very much, but because you don’t have to worry about getting a stupid date. DJs Courtney and Mikhell will be spinning all the darkwave and goth hits, between sets from All Gone Dead and riverhead among others. Not only that, but this prom is complete with a set-up for classic prom photos, and a crowning of the King and Queen (2018's royal court is pictured). At only $10 presale, this event is not to be missed by anyone who's ever wanted to dance the night away in formal wear to a Depeche Mode hit or two.  Club Area 51, 451 S. 400 West, 9 p.m., $10 presale; $15 day of show, all ages,