Music Live Extra Dec. 2: Piper Down Club DV8 Reunion Party, The Block SLC's Lofi & Chill | Buzz Blog
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Music Live Extra Dec. 2: Piper Down Club DV8 Reunion Party, The Block SLC's Lofi & Chill


Club DV8 Reunion Party
This one’s for you, Salt Lake lifers. Piper Down Pub is expanding their services beyond superb bingo, karaoke and performance nights to include a night dedicated to letting folks who were around SLC in the ‘90s relive the days of the late, great old Club DV8. Yes, I’m a millennial writing this, and yes, I desperately wish I could have witnessed the three-story splendor of one of SLC’s most famous and best-loved venues, now lost to time—and a fire, a freak accident that burned the old brick building down to its bones. The venue hosted many top-shelf touring acts over the years, had an all-ages section as well as a 21+ drinking section, and is the sort of thing one could only dream of existing in Salt Lake City again one day—provided liquor laws ever lighten up and make it easy for venues like that to get up and functioning in the future. Hosting will be 103.1 The Wave, a station dedicated daily to keeping killer music from the past alive, particularly new wave. Music in line with the best of DV8’s heyday will be spinning, along with videos from shows at the venue. But if you can’t catch this event, don’t worry: Piper Down will host this Club DV8 Reunion Party the first Saturday of every month. And if you’re like me and weren’t around back then, and you wanna pester some Gen Xers about what it was all like? Well, you’re welcome to stop in, too.  Piper Down, 1492 S. State Street, 8 p.m., free, 21+,

LBC presents - Lofi & Chill vol 001 @ The Block
The Block SLC, a new venue in town, has been busy filling up its nights with cool new events for locals to enjoy. One of the new ones is their weekly Lofi Beats & Chill nights, a name which seems to be definitely lifted from the sensational YouTube video which features a loop of an anime girl studying and listening to “chill lofi beats.” The video became something of a meme online after it went viral, but what’s funny about it is that the chill lofi beats are in fact chill and fun to listen to. There’s a whole genre of lofi beats that constitute easy listening for a certain subset of millennials, and The Block will host an evening catering to that group—but also to those who want to enjoy music in a sober space. It can be difficult to have any kind of nightlife when sober, or even just trying to cut back on party substances (which, yeah, includes alcohol). Instead, potable provisions will include hot bevs from Cosmic Tonics, which one can sip on while enjoying music from The Block’s high-quality Funktion One sound system and having one’s tarot cards read, watching painters or perusing local jewelry and art. If you’re looking for a chill yet cozy way to escape the cold and the bars, head over to The Block every Thursday for this new weekly event. The Block SLC, 625 S. 600 West, 7 p.m., $5 before 8 p.m.; $10 after 8 p.m., all ages,