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Music Update Sept. 25: Open Streets and Beatles Concert Cruise


Downtown SLC Opens Up for Open Streets
The Blocks SLC has come up with a new way to socialize outside to last us the fall, and it smacks of friendly and familiar downtown traditions like Gallery Stroll. Instead of being invited into galleries and shops with art displays, though, the streets will come alive with buskers and more room for foot traffic thanks to selectively closed roads. Kicking off last week downtown up and down Main Street, Open Streets will run every Thursday, Friday and Saturday through Oct 10, featuring not just the music of the buskers but new open patio spaces outside downtown bars and restaurants, a new addition to our downtown scene that would be welcome even outside the pandemic. Bars like Alibi have been angling for more patio space outside their very popular but very small bar for some time, so this is one welcome addition to downtown imbibing and eating. Buskers range from the typical acoustics to vinyl DJs like Finale Grande, who graced the entrance to Gallivan Avenue just off Main on Thursday of this week. If you miss the hustle and bustle of downtown, make sure to take a stroll around for a special taste of SLC’s art, and maybe even an outdoor cocktail, too.

See the Beatles—Again!
I remember how the tradition of covers shows seems to have started—if memory serves, right after Bowie died. A few days later there was a tribute show at Urban Lounge with popular local bands covering the greatest hits of the fallen rock star. After that, a month or so later there was a Velvet Underground tribute night, then a Beatles one, then a Stones one. It seems that the death of Bowie became very lucrative, and these shows haven’t seemed to stop since then. Now of course, as I’ve reported on often over the summer, they’ve found their way to the Concert Cruise circuit, a socially-distanced kind of concert introduced to SLC and perfected by S&S. So if you missed one of the previous Beatles-themed concert cruises, there’s another one for you this Saturday, Sept. 26. This writer lives right next door to one of the very secret venues that attendees bike around town to on separate routes, and so I have heard my fair share of covers over the summer. For the COVID-conscious, roving and open air model is fantastic, but one day I hope to hear, perhaps, the sounds of an original band playing their original songs wafting in through my window. Until then, attend this show if you haven’t caught a Beatles cover night yet, and if you like the Beatles and biking around. Local talent performing covers will include Major Tom (noted local Bowie cover artist), Michelle Moonshine, Spirit Machine, Kelli Moyle, Mitokandrea, The Proper Way, Jim Bone, Nicholas James and The Discographers. Ticket info is at, and the event starts at 5 p.m. sharp.