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Fool Me Once

Something to stream on this foolhardy occasion.



We could all use a little levity these days, which is why April Fool's Day has potential to be such fun.

If no one has pranked you today, or you've not had the joy of pranking someone else, you can at least listen to this new April Fool's release by local artist future.exboyfriend.

With "Fool," he follows up his last 2021 release, "Freaking Out," and it sounds like something of a fun little break from that altogether more serious song, which like much of his music, combines deeply Tame Impala-ish aesthetics with millennial angst and some of the just slightly-off-kilter funk of more outsidery artists like Young Guv.

"Fool" is a bouncing, saccharine track though, even while future.exboyfriend sings blithely about how he's a fool who got lost in the heat of some moment. Despite the prankishness of this release date, the song is sincere in one thing, and that's being catchy and cool.

Steam it on Spotify, where you can also find his 2020 album Party in a Lonely Head.