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Music Update May 21: Local Singles Roundup

New tunes by World's Worst, Cop Kid and Amateur Atlas


World’s Worst, “Balloons”
The dream of the ‘90s is alive in SLC—or at least, the dream of the ‘90s as it was re-imagined in the early 2010s by bands like Yuck. That is indeed who SLC’s four-piece band World’s Worst channels in their new single. If I remember right, the first time I saw them—well over a year ago, in a pre-pandemic world—the band took the stage and proceeded to play a set so noisy it didn’t really sound like music. Which is to say, they were probably doing what many bands in the noisy, garage rock genre do: finding themselves in their own weeds. Their single “Balloons,” out yesterday, is catchy as hell, with hooky, melodic guitar that rips at the drop of a hat into feedback-ridden shreds—Yuck, Yuck, Yuck, all over. And while it may in other instances be lame to sound a lot like another band, it’s a good thing in this case, because Yuck captured an essence of garage rock and its rare tenderness that nobody else has really matched in this millennium. So, it’s cool to see World’s Worst doing their best to capture it, too. Stream it on Spotify and follow them on Instagram at @worlds_worst.

Cop Kid, “Reservoir Beach”
Cop Kid has been dropping slow singles over the last few years. That might be because they’re an odd pair: Marny Proudfit and Boone Hogg of Super Young Adult. For those savvy, Proudfit has been a prominent member of the local indie folk scene for years, and Super Young Adult has recently been exploding with super-diverse bedroom pop that feels like it has the potential to be some of the most novel, interesting music coming out of Utah. Together as Cop Kid, they’ve crafted an accessible, swirling palette of sound that recalls some playful Japanese synth pop like that of Cuushe. On their latest release, “Reservoir Beach”—which dropped on May 14—a hazy scene unfolds over their catchiest song yet, complete with bright, forward guitar and hopping beats that contrast against Proudfit’s smooth swoony vocals, which she uses to deliver lines any adrift millennial could relate to: “College grad, I dropped out / Work for dad, I copped out / Musician, I caught doubt / (Oh, fuck) / So I went to reservoir beach.” Can’t wait for more of these two. Find their stuff on Spotify and follow them on Instagram at @copkidlives.

Amateur Atlas, “BitterSweet”
While perhaps not bittersweet, the sweet and breezy sound that Amateur Atlas debuted earlier this year by way of his EP So Far, So Good, is punched up to a different level on his new single. Released on May 14, “BitterSweet” features the same dream-pop synths, but with groovier, pronounced guitar riffs that spell attitude, and infectious drum machine beats that add a cool-as-as-cucumber backbone to the track. It reminds me of this little project I used to like from a few years back called Cough Cool, but with a bit more dimension. You can stream the track on Spotify, and follow Amateur Atlas on Instagram at @amateur_atlas.