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Music Update Oct. 22

New music from Nicsimian


Nicsimian Releases Lonely Friend
Local artist Nicsimian has just released his debut EP, and it’s a feel-good look back at youth and all the folly one can get into while searching for oneself. On Lonely Friend, the soloist Nicsimian (Nic Smith) shares the stage with his big, bright and flashing synths that come off as richly layered as a whirling tableau of carnival lights at night. The sharing comes in when those synths don’t overtake his vocals which—while possessing that reserved, slightly lax way of singing that’s so popular among indie kids these days—deliver lyrics that can’t be ignored and are charmingly earnest. On “Overachiever” he sings to someone younger than he is—perhaps his own younger self—and the lyrics are all too sweet and true to quote all here, but they do include the comforting reassurance that one doesn’t have to be up all night creating, or trying to be hot, or falling for the American marketing trick of hyper-individualism to live a worthwhile life. The song also touches on something that feels quintessentially SLC—that in this city, marooned from other musical cities, it can be hard to make your mark. But as Smith says, “at least this town has a couple cool bars.” On “Lonely Friend,” too, the lines are blurred between outer and inner, and the lonely friend he runs into and sits down to “toss another down” with could be a friend or, it seems, some part of himself—as he sings, after all, he does most of the talking himself. The woozy song crescendos into a warp-speed tunnel of sound to close things out, a pleasant twist of sound. This is a listen for anyone, really, who’s going through the process of coming to terms with themselves as time ever more quickly snatches the past from us. Listen for the grooves and stay the sentiments at