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Music Update Dec. 17

New music from Patrick Buie, December 12 Minutes Max


Patrick Buie releases “Precious Time”
A few months after his woozy and dreamy single “(Tell Me) What Went Wrong,” local artist Patrick Buie is back with another agreeable and casually charming single in “Precious Time.” Out today, the song feels a little less emotionally loaded than his last, which spoke of talks with God, but that’s actually a ruse of tone. While sunny in many ways, the first line is “a smile is getting hard to find” and the refrain is “I’m losing my patience / you’re wasting my precious time.” The song itself almost feels like the kind of pretending that Buie is describing lyrically—all winking, sweet guitar parts and upbeat drums and tambourine shakes. Obviously, it seems that Buie’s precious time is being wasted, and he wonders that he’s wasting someone else’s too, but the way the song shakes out, it’s a putting off of that truth. It’s that thing in a relationship or a friendship where you’re telling yourself “it’s fine!” Is it fine? Perhaps not, but one thing is certain—this is a fine song indeed. Steam it where you stream, and keep up with Patrick Buie on Instagram at @patrickbuiemusic.

December 12 Minutes Max
Another SLCPL gem coming at you, with the usual suspects: sound, dance, film. The locals-focused, monthly mini-arts series put on by our lovely library comes to you as usual this Sunday, Dec. 19 at 2 p.m. at For the sound portion of the series, we’ve got Lula Asplund, a Utah native now based in Chicago who also performs with the experimental sound band Junior Mint Prince. Their work focuses on sound indeed, and aims to make apparent the physicality of sound, especially disembodied ones. For this performance, Asplund will be presenting an untitled piece on human touch as it relates to carving and sculpting. For the dance part of the series, Miche’ Smith will present a dance film titled Count It All, whose theme is “the joy we have to find within our pain, the joy we choose instead of our pain, and the pain that we joyfully rise above.” And for (more) film, there’s A Silent Movement and I Thought I was Alone, two visual poems that take the form of short video compilations, all filmed around Iowa City, and featuring spoken word from their creator, Amy Childress, and cello improvisations by Bay Area cellist Stevie Rose. Childress is especially at home at 12 Minutes Max, because she is also a librarian in SLC. As always, visit to view the series streaming.