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Music Plus: Feb. 23

Number 1 Babe Team headlines, new music from The Plastic Cherries


Number 1 Babe Team
  • Number 1 Babe Team
Number 1 Babe Team, Freak Luck, Goldie and the Guise @ The DLC 3/1
SLC indie pop/rock group Number 1 Babe Team are making their headlining debut next Friday at The DLC. Not only will you get to hear their great music, you’ll also be able to contribute to a good cause. Showgoers can get $2 off of their tickets if they bring a food item to donate. Not only do you get a fun night of music, but you get to donate to a great cause. This is Number 1 Babe Team’s first headlining show, so hopefully that means they’ll be playing plenty from their debut album See You Later, which was released last June. It’s a fun yet contemplative indie romp that’s easy to put on a loop. Supporting is Freak Luck and Goldie and the Guise, two fellow locals who will make the night an evening to remember. Head out to see Number 1 Babe Team on Friday, March 1 at 8 p.m. Tickets for the 21+ show are $10 (or $8 with that food dono!) and can be found at

Plastic Cherries: The Plastic Cherries on the Moon out today
…On The Moon is the culmination of a lot of love, growth, and collaboration for our band. It is a companion and response to our first album Sunshine, forming two complementary song cycles with recurring themes throughout,” the Cherries said of the new album. “Whereas Sunshine was recorded completely at home as a couple, for …On The Moon we expanded outward as a five-piece band tracking the core of each song live. We started the process at a cabin in Southern Utah and finished tracking to 24-track tape at Archive Recordings in North Salt Lake. We collaborated with producer and multi-instrumentalist Denney Fuller (The Mellons, Fonteyn) on arrangements, horns, overdubs, and mixing for various songs. Chris Cohen (Weyes Blood, Deerhoof) provided guest mixing on track two. …On The Moon is inspired by the ’70s sci-fi kitsch of Ziggy Stardust and the B-52’s. The opening track “Lovers On The Run” is the album’s musical centerpiece and the beginning of its loose, imaginary story. A couple of misfits are on the road seeking escape from their lives. “Lovers” is their anthem.” This album is perfect if you’re looking for a way to escape—with style. The Cherries will take you aboard their decked out rocketship and fly you around to endless, gorgeous galaxies with their sound. It’s hard to find things in life that are so truly delightful, but The Plastic Cherries on the Moon fits the bill. The album is streaming everywhere today.