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Tubing Treasures

Secrets locals for slidding down hills



It's February and the snow in the capital city doesn't stick long on the ground. That makes it kind of sucky if you want to go tubing. And hey, who doesn't like to go tubing—especially when you can get a ride to the top of the hill? Sugar House Park has a tubing hill on 1300 East and at the back on the park on 1700 East, but they aren't maintained and you can end up on the road, up against a car or in a tree if you're not careful. The Sugar House Park Board and Salt Lake City could put in an ice rink and a dedicated safe tubing area but can't seem to find the money or wherewithal to do it. But hold onto your mittens, kids, because there are other options left before spring starts blooming to get your slide on.

First, there's Gorgoza Park. You've driven by it a bazillion times when you travel back and forth to Park City as it's only 20 minutes up Parley's Canyon and seven miles down from the mining town itself. There are seven different tubing lanes and, best of all, there's a lift service to get you up the hill. They have options for kids, like mini snowmobiles, "10 laps for $10" if you're 5-12 years old. I think people don't know that Gorgoza is a great place to take newbies who want to learn how to ski or snowboard as they offer $5 rentals to get them started. The place charges by how long you stay and play.

Second is Soldier Hollow above Midway between Park City and Heber City. That piece of mountain was developed for the 2002 Olympic cross-country skiing and biatholon events and is an excellent golf course in the summer and a tubing treasure in the winter. It has the longest tubing lanes (1,200 feet) in all of Utah and a heart-saving lift service up the hill to get you to the top for daytime or nighttime riding. It's open seven days a week until the snow fades in March and it also charges according to how long you use their tubes and lift.

Third is Snowbasin's tubing hill, located only 35 miles from downtown Salt Lake. It's open only on Saturdays, Sundays and Monday holidays. The run is located at the finish line of the 2002 Olympic downhill skiing venue. Fourth is a tubing area in Brian Head, which may be the craziest options for tubers around as it has a frozen waterslide that shoots you down the damned mountain faster than you can scream "HEEEELLLLPPPP!"

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