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Hey Bud



The votes have been counted, election signs have fallen over and medical cannabis has officially passed. Ah, but legislators can't leave the ghost of Proposition 2 alone, and we'll soon see how accessible this bud is to Utahns who suffer from pain and other medical issues.

The National Association of Realtors recently released a report about how using this plant affects real estate. The results give a peek into what might be in store for our green future. First, about one-third of realtors in states where cannabis is legal in some form have seen landlords add clauses to rental leases and documents that restrict tenants from smoking or growing on their properties. In states where it's legal for tenants to grow small amounts, it's common for them to pay the increased utility costs. Some states require tenants to have self-contained boxes designated just for the plant. Second, agents report they either did or didn't have trouble re-selling grow houses. As selling cannabis is an all-cash business, the NAR found that a quarter of landlords were not willing to take cash for rent. Third, in states where medical cannabis is legal, commercial real estate agents saw an increased demand for warehouse, storefront property and vacant land.

Let's say someday in the future you end up getting a grow license. You can't buy a home, condo, building or land where the deed is insured free and clear of liens, because title companies cannot, by federal law, take cash for a purchase more than $10,000. This law came about not because of cannabis laws but as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

At press time, many others and I aren't clear as to the specifics of Utah user laws. Our elected officials are picking apart every word of the groundbreaking "compromise" legislation. All this reminds me of how certain national politicians call global warming #FakeNews. They refuse to listen to facts. As more than half of U.S. states have legalized some form of cannabis use and countries across the world have been enjoying the benefits of this age-old plant for years, the scientific proof of its effectiveness is massive. My wife has been diagnosed with Lyme disease. It's extremely painful, and she's spent much of the last four months in bed. She's had to take a medical leave from both of her volunteer jobs. Although she appears in our ad in this publication, she can't show homes right now and is only able to answer phones and help me make appointments. I will break laws to ease her pain and will drive to Wendover to get tinctures and oils if our elected officials screw this vote to legalize medical cannabis here in the state.