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12 Rounds, Eastbound & Down, Entourage, Parker Lewis, Secret Diary of a Call Girl

New DVD Releases June 30



12 Rounds
A New Orleans detective (WWE rassler John Cena) must solve 12 rounds of puzzles to save his girlfriend from the deadly clutches of a revenge-bent ex-con. Or maybe just find a new girlfriend, since puzzles are hard, man. FoxHome.com

Eastbound & Down: Season 1
While planning his comeback, washed-up Major League Baseball player (Danny McBride) takes a job as a gym teacher at the North Carolina high school he once attended; mullets and mayhem ensue. Eh, more entertaining than watching baseball. HBO.com

Entourage: Season 5
After his indie-flick flop, Vince sets his career back on track by tanking a firefighter movie, firing E and getting laid. Meanwhile, Johnny Drama continues his hit TV gig and Turtle starts banging Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Hollywood is rough. HBO.com

Parker Lewis Can’t Lose: Season 1
Finally! It only took 19 years! The ’90s Fox series about the coolest guy in high school (Parker Lewis, natch) who also narrates his cool exploits was essentially just Beta Scrubs, but with better music and more flannel shirts. ShoutFactory.com

Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Season 2
Business is booming for high-end London hooker Belle, despite actress Billie Piper being pregnant and all. This season, she’s up for threesomes, watersports and even a relationship. Guess which one doesn’t work out? Lionsgate.com

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