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Happiest Band In Utah
This Ogden-based duo incorporate a Moog synthesizer, Theremin, and a slew of other adorable noisemakers to bring you beautifully anomalous songs and sounds without rival. Not just your average band, After the Party hosts a yearly summer solstice Wizardfest in various Utah desert locations. Tom and Beth have been releasing annual holiday albums for Christmas and Halloween, have their own coloring book, produced several black and white movies and videos, and have never been seen in public with a frown. MySpace.com/AfterTheParty (Circus Brown)

They’ve Got Next
You’ve probably heard their new single “Celery Stick” on the radio, or your friend’s iPod, and whether you have known it or not, Mury is seeping into your subconscious. And if you haven’t heard a Mury song, when you do, it won’t get out of your head. Inexplicably good sing-along choruses hold the promise of better times and the occasional deep lyrical sentiment you catch will hit you in your chest, too. MySpace.com/MuryMusic (Jon Paxton)

Best Accidental Wizard of Floyd
Gander at the quaint dusty televisions next time you’re at Burt’s Tiki Lounge, and see if the live music is in sync with the video. This coincidental Dark Side of the Rainbow worked so well while enjoying INVDRS play to a 1940’s classic Superman cartoon. MySpace.com/Invadersdoom (Circus Brown)

We Hardly Knew Ye
Mom & Pop shop Red Light Books provided Utah with alternative books, magazines, comics, and art you can’t find at your average Steve King outlet. Aside from lit, they also provided a unique underground (literally) venue and record label for unknown and experimental artists. They closed down in 2008, and thankfully, RLB re-emerged as an e-business with much improved sales. RedLightSLC.com (Circus Brown)

Beards of Fury
It’s a rarity when you’re as knocked out (or more so) by the local opening act than a touring headliner, but woe unto any road band blessed/cursed with SLC doom-metalers/facial-hair enthusiasts Top Dead Celebrity on the undercard. In recent months, Jucifer, Weedeater and even Portland’s mighty Red Fang have been given a run for their amp wattage by TDC’s riff-heavy/hook-heavier opening set. As Outburn magazine says, Top Dead Celebrity is “gloriously fuzzed-out racket that kicks whole piles of ass.” MySpace.com/TopDeadCelebrity (Bill Frost)

Rise, Young Punks!
If punk’s dead, then the last 30 years has been like Weekend at Bernie’s. The only reason you can say “punk is dead” is if you are talking about the copycat bands that decided against evolving. Trebuchet (below) and Bombs and Beating Hearts have invented an actual unprecedented punk sound, built a faithful following, and, in the spirit of true punk music, they play lots of free shows down at Salt Lake City anarchist collective Boing! headquarters. MySpace.com/TrebuchetSLC and MySpace.com/GuerrillaFolkPunx (Circus Brown)

The Law Won— So Did We
Clubbers finally get to smell their favorite bars’ aroma thanks to the new smoking ban. This law hasn’t just cleaned up the atmosphere in clubs around the state but also brought smokers together. Instead of puffing silently alone indoors, tobacco enthusiasts easily strike up conversations on the pavement outside. Never before has sucking a butt made befriending so easy, thanks Huntsman! (Circus Brown)

The Next Generation
One of the most prominent bands in the local hardcore scene right now, xReflectx just released their first full length album, The Hourglass End. The intensity and emotion of the album evoke memories of game changing mid-’90s bands like Unbroken and 108. xReflectx can only get better from here. MySpace.com/xReflectx (Trevor Hale)

Dance Revolution
Musclehawk, the “all-star” local group, is making danceable music most wouldn’t expect to find in Utah, or Salt Lake City, either. Truly infectious, this dance delicacy should be consumed standing up with your thighs pumping. Their debut EP The Speed of Dark just dropped Jan. 30, and it is fantastic. MySpace.com/Musclehawk (Jon Paxton)

Sleepless in SLC
Lance Saunders and Will Sartain of S&S Presents are two of the busiest guys in town, working overtime to maintain their venue, record label and promotional juggernaut in between gigs where they also actually create and perform music. With such hectic schedules, you'd think they'd be uptight but S&S are the nicest musical mafia with offers too good to refuse. MySpace.com/SandSpresents (Jon Paxton)

Don’t Fence Me In
Marcus Bently risked alienating much of his fan base when he sidelined his Americana sound to pursue the type of electronic music favored by followers of Paul Oakenfold and Kaskade—the DJ who initially turned Bently on to the genre. The switch is paying off big time, though, with Bently’s new project, Location Location, landing a song on MTV’s The Hills and an invite to perform at this year’s South by Southwest. And his fans? They still sing along to every song. LocationLocationMusic.com (Jamie Gadette)

Go Daddy-o
KUER jazz director/host Steve Williams has one of the most recognizable voices in local radio, second only perhaps to station co-worker Doug Fabrizio. With his soothing voice and vast musical knowledge, he entertains and educates, interviews jazz greats and promotes their gigs around town. Off-air, Williams emcees events like the Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival and Excellence in Community concerts. Word on the street is, this hep cat is also somewhat of an unsung beat poet flexing his literary muscle at the occasional open-mic. KUER.org (Jamie Gadette)

Rock Art Basement
A cute little art gallery started by local printmaker Leia Bell and neatly tucked under record store Slowtrain, Signed and Numbered features Limited Edition concert posters, art prints and other crafts. Although a great spot to pick up all sorts of prints, including Matt Lloyd’s “Obamraham,” it’s the perfect (only?) place to get hold of that totally awesome gig poster you saw stapled to the corner lamppost—that is, if you want it without the torn corners. 221 E. Broadway, 801-596-2093, Signed-Numbered.com (Jacob Stringer)

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