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Reviver has been busy tearing up the highways since the release of their Exigent Records debut, Versificator, last year and shows no signs of slowing down. With plenty of Fat Wreck Chords riffs and Revelation Records style vocals, Reviver is a band with nothing to lose and everything to gain. MySpace.com/Reviverhc (Trevor Hale)

High Fidelity: Salt Lake City
Just walk into Positively 4th St. Music and you’ll probably overhear a conversation about some obscure piece of R&B vinyl that eventually gets deemed “The Holy Grail” or “The Missing Link” to one or another’s prized LP collection. And if you happen to have one or two pieces of vinyl in your collection that you feel no longer belong, the local record store is the place to go—you can trade old rusty gems for new rusty gems. 210 E. 400 South, 801-531-8181, MySpace.com/Positively4thStMusic (Jacob Stringer)

Make Us Proud
It’s been years since Salt Lake City has shown off a nationally recognized band—much less a metal band—but Gaza is out there making their hometown proud. Having just completed their second full length for Black Market Activities (a division of Metal Blade), 2009 is their chance to take it to the next level. MySpace.com/Gaza (Trevor Hale)

Freak Folk Merry-Go-Round
The six multi-instrumentalists that make up Oh! Wild Birds clearly have a freakin’ ball playing through epic songs that sound part Arcade Fire, part Faun Fables, part DeVotchKa. It’s entertaining to watch as each member puts down one instrument and deftly picks up another on song after song after song—not to mention the pipes on the oft-Sharpie-mustachioed lone female in the group. With a debut album due out later this spring, Oh! Wild Birds will continue spreading freak folk that’s not too overly freakish. Myspace.com/OhWildBirds (Jacob Stringer)

Keeping Music Newsworthy
The best thing about local public radio station KUER 90.1 FM’s RadioWest is the fact that no matter the subject, host Doug Fabrizio makes it interesting. While Utah’s music scene doesn’t need much help entertaining a listening audience, it never hurts to have a bit more exposure. Enter RadioWest and their recently launched local music series spotlighting artists like The Devil Whale and Band of Annuals. According to producer Elaine Clark, the point is to profile a band while simultaneously exploring a more specific aspect of the scene—like using trip-hoppers Cosm to discuss local record labels. KUER.org (Jacob Stringer)

Killer Music, Killer Patio
Sure, local musicians don’t necessarily have too few places to peddle their sonic wares, but as the scene grows larger and more people are inspired to pick up that guitar and belt out a tune, it’s always good to have a stage—or at least a patio. The Woodshed (formerly Club Halo) is a friendly bar with a great atmosphere that is doing everything in its powers to give local bands another great place to play and music lovers a comfortable space to listen. 60 E. 800 South, MySpace.com/TheWoodshedSLC (Jacob Stringer)

Recording Guru/ Jesus Lookalike
Andy Patterson: if you’ve ever purchased a local band’s new album, chances are you’ve already heard this guy’s work. For years, Patterson has been the go-to guy for Salt Lake City bands, having recorded Form of Rocket, Gaza, Hudson River School and literally hundreds of others. (Trevor Hale)

Root, Root, Root For the Home Team
Jeff Whiteley is running down a dream with Excellence in Community, his labor-of-love concert series highlighting some of Utah’s best and brightest musicians—artists who don’t necessarily hit up the traditional nightclub circuit. His tireless, enthusiastic efforts give a leg up to homegrown bands, and audiences who might otherwise miss the world-class talent that resides in their own back yard. Past headliners include Red Rock Rondo, Joe McQueen, Brian Booth and the Smith Bros Dirt Band. Next up: Calvary Baptist Choir on Feb. 27-28. ExcellenceConcerts.org (Jamie Gadette)

Who’s House?
“… because house is a feeling, not a fashion,” the DJs behind Haus Addix are doing their best to school the next generation of music lovers and clubgoers on a genre/culture that has apparently lost momentum since its late-’70s inception. Big City House throws its own weekly parties to help get the word out, often working with the Addix to further their shared vision. TheHausAddix.com; MySpace.com/BigCityHouse (Jamie Gadette)

No Excuses
Sometime it’s hard to find the courage/energy to check out that one new local band you keep hearing about but just haven’t seen live yet. Don’t fret, Slowtrain has your back (owners Chris & Anna Brozeck are pictured above). Nearly every Monday night at 7 p.m. is Local Night at your friendly neighborhood record store—and because it’s free of charge you can check out the new sounds without committing nary a cent. And you can always put the savings towards your next music purchase. 221 E. Broadway, 801-364-2611 SlowtrainMusic.com (Jacob Stringer)

Three’s Company
KRCL 90.9 FM got a lot of grief for switching up its format last year, but the addition of full-time DJs Ebay Jamil Hamilton, Dave Perschon and Bad Brad Wheeler has me tuning into the community radio station daily for its solid music programming. Highlights include live in-studio performances by touring and local bands and essential albums of the day/week. Where else on the dial can you turn to hear Massive Attack Vs. Mad Professor? KRCL.org (Jamie Gadette)

London Calling Back
Transplanted Brits Big Gun Baby recently returned from a, shall we say, governmentally-suggested “vacation” to their homeland somewhat paler but also spunkier than ever: Original members Jaycee (vocals, fab platform boots) and Graham (bass, sparkly shirts) still command a stage like no one’s business, but their new BGB cohorts hold up the musical end more brilliantly than previous incarnations. Catch ’em live (a must), or check out Big Gun Baby’s new five-song EP (replete with electro remixes—how English). MySpace.com/BigGunBaby (Bill Frost)

Rock & Ribs, Pork & Twangs
Pat’s Barbecue recently made a national splash on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, but Guy Fieri forgot to mention the music: Where else in town can you chow down on world-class BBQ, and catch a local blues or roots-rock band, and be out by 9 o’clock for a full (literally) night of clubbing? Pat’s has also paid as much attention to acoustics and sound-buffering as they have to sauce and smoking, making this joint the closest thing to a Texas roadhouse around. PatsBBQ.com (Bill Frost)

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