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25th Anniversary Edition



This newspaper turns 25 years old this week. Where were you 25 years ago?

Steven Wells: I was in junior high school in a small iron-mining town in Minnesota dreaming of one day moving to the big city and becoming famous. Mission accomplished!

Kathy Mueller: I was trolling the streets in search of fine young men. Surprised that I found one, but I guess the bigger surprise is that I still have him … happy 25th, baby!

Ted Scheffler: A quarter-century ago, eh? Let’s see … I was living in New York City working on a Ph.D. in anthropology at night and as a book editor by day. That was before I discovered food.

Jeff Reese: I was only 4 years old. I don’t think I fully appreciated the newspaper at that time, but I am sure it was an amazing medium for my finger painting!

Scott Renshaw: The year was 1984, and I was writing movie reviews for my school newspaper during my senior year in high school in Bakersfield, Calif. Talk about being in a rut.

Nick Clark: San Jose, Calif., playing with Star Wars figures in the back yard without a worry in the world. Can I go back?

Derek Carlisle: The mom, three sisters and I were new Utahns from Georgia. I’m still getting used to the mountains.

Bill Frost: Battling a robot army with the human resistance ... oh, 25 years ago?

Brandon Burt: I was 16 years old, and I hitchhiked to the West Coast and down Highway 1 in search of true love and compassion. I’m an anachronism!