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3 Days to Kill, The Monuments Men

New DVD/VOD Tuesday, May 20


3 Days to Kill - RELATIVITY
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3 Days to Kill
A spy (Kevin Costner) sets out on One Last Mission, but gets stuck with his teen daughter and, almost as bad, brain cancer. Can he take down the terrorist and bring his family back together? Hell, if Liam Neeson can do it, why not? (Relativity)

The Monuments Men
A group of art curators and historians (including George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray and John Goodman) are recruited by the Army to retrieve masterpieces from the Nazis during WWII. All together now: It’s Ocean’s 1943! (Sony)

Fugitive at 17
When a teenage computer hacker (Marie Avgeropoulos) is framed for her best friend’s fatal O.D. at a rave, she goes on the lam and uses her cyber-skills to find The Real Killer. Despite all evidence, not a movie from 1996. (MTI)

A hunky gladiator (Kit Harington) fights to save his true love (Emily Browning), who’s been betrothed to a corrupt Roman senator against her will. Oh, and there’s a volcano called Mount Vesuvius about to flood Pompeii with molten lava. Priorities. (Sony)

Vampire Academy
So you expect me to believe that, not only is there a movie actually titled Vampire Academy, but also a series of books? I’m supposed to accept that the young adult audience will just buy any crap? Good day. I said good day, sir! (The Weinstein Co.)

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