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300 Plates

Through Sunday June 13



Nothing succeeds like success, and Art Access’ 300 Plates fundraiser makes a splash with its eighth incarnation, spilling over into the parking lot on opening night to meet the demand of expected attendees.

But then, it’s not just any fundraiser, even for an art gallery. It’s a chance to see 100 of the most accomplished and imaginative local visual artists showing of their works, a virtual “who’s who” of the Salt Lake City art scene, debuting 27 artists new to the event. On the equal playing field of 10-by-11 recycled printers’ plates, artists Trent Call, Brian Kershisnik, Lenka Konopasek, Bonnie Sucec, Sam Wilson, Doug Braithwaite (“Snowy Sides,” pictured) and others play to their strengths of color, composition and tone for a dazzling demonstration of the diversity and sheer breadth of artistic styles in the community.

The plates were previewed May 17-19, and the final plate preview and fundraiser itself was May 20. But the entire collection is on display for the length of the show, and there are still opportunities to snatch up some one-of-a-kind pieces on a budget. As a charter member of the international organization VSA Arts, Art Access is devoted to providing art opportunities to those with disabilities and limited access—not just exhibits, but also hands-on classes and mentorships. At a time when we all might benefit from more experiences with art, Art Access serves us all.

300 Plates @ Art Access Gallery, 230 S. 500 West No. 125, 801-328-0703, through June 13. AccessArt.org