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337 Face Off at the Urban Gallery

Friday, June 12-Saturday, June 13



After last summer’s unveiling of the 337 Project’s “garage door gallery” at nonprofit daycare center Neighborhood House, viewers could drive by all hours of the day or night and see the work of local artists in large scale (detail from one such door is pictured). But they might have wondered what the unusual new art space could do after that to surprise.

337 Project founder Adam Price has found a way to raise the stakes for both artists and spectators with the “Face Off,” pitting artists against one another in a rare competitive format. Nine teams of artists, each with a garage door as canvas, are given 18 hours to create a masterpiece. Of course, a masterpiece is in the eye of the beholder, so the best creation will be awarded the $1,000 Audience Choice Award.

The selected competitors represent a cross-section of the cream of Salt Lake City’s artistic crop: John Bell, Ruby Chacon, Dan Christofferson, Alex Haworth, Gailon Justus, Chuck Landvatter, Jimmy Lucero, Emily Plewe and repeat garage door artist Ben Wiemeyer. Wiemeyer’s last work here, a sailing ship in amazing detail, is an example of the astonishing array of techniques that are available for a seemingly unyielding surface.

Staff from the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and the Salt Lake Art Center will be at the Face Off to provide an opportunity for children to paint their own “garage doors.”

337 Face Off @ Neighborhood House, 1050 W. 500 South, 801-363-4589, June 12-13