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5 Spot | Dining Critic Ted Scheffler



Longtime dining critic Ted Scheffler joins the City Weekly staff as dining editor on Oct. 1.

So, what’s up with the promotion?
Well, after a 15-year job interview—I began reviewing restaurants for the Private Eye in early ’94—I finally landed the job!

I’ve noticed as of late that you’re posting on SLWeekly.com’s Salt Blog.
I’m a bit new to this blogging stuff, but it’s fun. So look for not-so-serious items about food and drink, along with the occasional random topic like Josh Ritter, whom I developed a musical crush on this summer.

What’s this about a critic’s list to dining in Salt Lake City?
It’s a list of my favorite restaurants, simple as that. Not necessarily the best restaurants in all cases, but my favorites. These are places I like to go for a meal when I’m off-duty and on my own dime. Look for it in the upcoming Dining Guide (Oct. 16) and on our soon-to-launch groovy new Website.

Sounds like a cush job. How does one become a dining critic, anyway?
Love food, love writing, cherish credibility and, as John Saltas has drilled into me over the years, be fair.

So, what’s your most memorable meal?
Oddly, it wasn’t all that fancy: A place called Le Bistrot du Paradou in Provence about 10 years ago. A three-hour communal lunch featured carafes of local Rose, an amazingly fresh mixed green salad with lardons and just-laid poached eggs, along with tender braised rabbit and a simple Cavaillon melon for dessert. Heaven.

Any words for those who think dining critics write favorable reviews in exchange for free food?
Well, I don’t know about other critics. But this critic’s food is paid for by City Weekly. So my choice words—the ones I can actually say in print—are get real!