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The Kenosis Spirit Keepers and Salt Lake Quakers will host a fund-raiser featuring Dr. Oakley Gordon speaking on “Andean Mysticism and Healing the Planet,” this Friday, May 2, from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Quaker Meeting House (171 E. 4800 South). Proceeds help the people of the South American high Andes, whose traditional way of life is being threatened by modern culture.

What’s so mystical about the Andean way of life?
They have the direct experience of (not just the belief in) the “sacred” in nature.

Some Andean villages are as high as 15,000 feet and a two-day journey from the nearest road. What do Andeans do to pass the time?
They herd alpaca (a South American camelid), weave wool, grow potatoes, hold celebration festivals and just try to survive.

How is the modern world impeding on their way of life?
Roads are being constructed to the villages, and electricity will soon follow. If history is any indication, these will come at the cost of their sacred connection to nature—a connection that could be exactly what the modern world needs.

Seriously, is the modern world really that bad? We’ve got microwave dinners, iPods and lots of parking. Shouldn’t the Andeans just “get with the times?”
The “times” are killing this planet.

What is the Salt Lake Quakers’ role in this event?
The Quaker community is giving me the loving support for my project (and is also letting me use the Meeting Hall).

What will people experience by attending your presentation?
An earful of good music, an eyeful of good slides and a heart full of noble thoughts.


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