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5 Spot

ABC 4’s Chris Vanocur on our record.



Chris Vanocur is the face you see on ABC 4 news broadcasts grilling this season’s crop of candidates and testing their knowledge of issues, trivia and civics 101. Vanocur also hosts Sunday morning’s On the Record on ABC 4.


What is your favorite On the Record topic? Why?
nWe did a special show a few years back about breast cancer survivors. They had written a book to help others by sharing their individual stories. Their courage and eloquence stays with me to this day.


Who do you consider your most interesting subject on the show?
nIf I didn’t say my father [journalist Sander Vanocur], he might take me off his Christmas card list.


Of the many political candidates you have interviewed this season, which ones surprised you for not being able to answer basic politics questions?
nMe, for not answering this question.


Which candidate deserves the Mr. or Ms. Congeniality award? Why?
nWhat does congeniality mean? That’s a political term I am not familiar with.


Which candidates’ answers were you most impressed with?
nCongressman Jim Matheson. Not because of his political leanings but because he knew what the “T” in Captain James T. Kirk stands for (Tiberius).


What question have candidates tried to skirt?
nOne question several candidates wanted no part of answering was, “Who is going to win the big game this year: Utah or BYU?” It seems they were actually concerned about offending one side or the other. Next time, I will just ask John Saltas. After all, he’s City Weekly’s Mr. Congeniality, isn’t he?

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