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80-Proof Fascism


Well, it seems that the state of Utah is a fascist organization. Yes, it purchases liquor (booze) and sells it to restaurants, fraternal organizations, veteran’s canteens, bars, clubs, or convention centers. Then, it restricts those legitimate businesses from selling the booze at a profit. Then it adds an additional tax, which is passed on to the customer.

They have to pay an exorbitant license fee every year to qualify to sell the state-owned booze. Oh, yes they can make a profit on the soda pop that is used to mix your cocktail with the state-owned booze. Did I mention that there is a hidden tax already included in the price of the booze?

The state of Utah makes tens of millions of dollars on booze each year. People from out-of-state are aghast when we locals tell them that we cannot make a profit on any booze we sell. “That is fascism,” they say, and I agree. Why should the state act like they are little gods that have to control private sources of income? Isn’t wine [booze] “the gift of the gods?”

Arthur B. Malia
Salt Lake City

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