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A Budding Economy


The current economic situation warrants some brainstorming on what America should do in order to forestall the inevitable decline, especially with China’s emergence as the new world economic power looming on the horizon. In the last decade, we have fallen trillions of dollars into debt, our economy, families and health care systems are failing, and our leadership is becoming more and more out of touch with the vital needs of real people in the real world.

Everybody knows that “economic stimulus” and “job creation” are just more corporate welfare that benefits those corporations that do banking or build roads. There is no job creation for people who are deep in student loan debt—those with all-but-useless advanced degrees for which there are no jobs. All the job creation has been for laborers who build roads and service workers who attend to the needs of bankers on holiday. Everybody knows economic stimulus is a joke. The future, for everyday Americans looks like one in which China emerges as the new economic power and America declines into the status of ‘second-world’ service industry for Chinese ascendancy.

So what can we do to forestall our demise? What would put the most Americans back to work, the farmers back in business, and help address some of our pressing energy and environmental problems?

Clearly we are at the crossroads to our future. We need to do something … and fast! Obama needs to quit stalling, get tough with bankers and corporatists and do something that really makes a real change, as he promised to do when campaigning for the job we gave him. Hey, G.W. Bush showed us how an executive order works, and he at least had the balls to use it!

One possible solution? As Jello Biafra once suggested … grow more pot. Really!

There are myriad industries that would arise, not to mention that we could simultaneously address energy and environmental problems as well. Thousands of jobs would be created in the development and implementation of the retooling and redirection of the new American economy. Everyone could have a small cottage industry growing hemp, making hemp products and developing hemp industries to their full potential for themselves and the rest of world. We could emerge out of the dark ages and become the world power that we once were and do it in a way that is good for the entire planet.

Of course, we would have to get over old, tired, useless attitudes about the “dangers” of marijuana that are clearly not nearly as dangerous as the brand of ruthless ignorance that maintains reefer-hysteria. We are faced with a situation where we either choose to adapt or die as a people, as a dream, and as a nation. Fear and ignorance are killing us. Isn’t it time we grew up and did the right thing for a change, rather than continue bolstering the tired old regime that has run us into the ground?

I think so.

Russ Millham
Salt Lake City

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