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A Jackass and a Duck



A falsehood created by omission of the truth is a lie nonetheless.

We have been repeatedly told by our elected officials “there were no ‘new’ taxes” under the most recent budget. Within that act alone, every taxpayer and voter in the lovely state of Utah has been told untruth.

Agreed, there were no “new” taxes created. However, shortly after the elections at the end of 2008, our lawmakers voted to repeal state income-tax laws which allowed the working poor and lower-middle income citizens to write off the self-paid costs of their health insurance premiums. The deletion of just that single line item had to have created hundreds of thousands of dollars for the current year’s budget.

In the process of changing how taxpayers can write off expenses, the simplest of tax returns for 2008 became so complicated it almost requires buying the services of a tax professional. This resulted in yet more money taken from the pockets of the working poor and lower-middle income earners. Brilliant way to create a tax increase while being able to profess no “new” taxes for the rich.

Not even in the blood-red state of Utah can you breed a jackass with a duck and expect folks to believe you’ve created a swan for their enjoyment.

Mrs. Steven Paulos
Salt Lake City