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A Lesson on Slimy Lubrication



Somehow it's no surprise. When you've elected a slimeball president, it's only logical that more slime will follow: Slimy cabinet members, slippery-as-snot legal counsel, sleight-of-hand strategists—and, now, a Supreme Court justice worthy of the most sobering lawyer jokes. Unfortunately, it's no knee-slapping funny matter. If Chicken Little proclaimed today that the sky was falling, I'd have to agree that the little clucker was likely right.

Donald Trump's slogan has been "Make America Great Again," but his actions are crumbling the strength of our democracy. The Kavanaugh disaster is a new low. It is undoubtedly the greatest con-job ever run by a U.S. president.

The confirmation of the lying-elitist-boozer-brawler Brett Kavanaugh is another sledgehammer blow to the foundation of a great nation. It could not have happened if the president and Senate hadn't fed a king's feast of lies to the American people. If integrity had ruled, the truth—whatever it turned out to be—would have been faithfully sought. There were no pressing deadlines and there was no reason to rush the confirmation process.

Despite the promising notion that two or three senators might actually possess consciences, total moral abdication ruled the day. No American was stupid enough to believe the president's statement that he was giving the FBI free rein. Instead, he hog-tied the investigation, and made sure the disgusting sexual allegations were never probed. The Justice Department's apolitical and impartial purpose was severely compromised.

Let's just say, for the sake of innocent naiveté, that Kavanaugh's past wasn't full of bad behavior. The sexual improprieties are, at least for the moment, not proven. But Kavanaugh himself gave the Senate and the entire nation big reasons to stop the confirmation. He refused to answer many key questions (it should have ended right there), sniveled like a 2-year-old demanding a Binky, fabricated a series of lies in an attempt to discredit Democrats and showed us the same "righteous anger" that caused him to attack a fellow patron in a bar and get one of his buddies thrown into jail.

Kavanaugh's performance was reminiscent of the proven lie-under-oath pattern that marred his confirmation to the federal bench 12 years earlier. His presence and bearing were not Supreme; he was pathetic, vicious, out of control and everything a justice shouldn't be—enough to convince the American Bar Association to issue an official statement of his unfitness for the job and inspire more than 2,400 law professors to condemn his nomination.

Kavanaugh's confirmation was no accident; it was carefully strategized. Trump rightly believed that he had a handle on the whole affair. No matter what, his golden boy would prevail. Kavanaugh had been diligently preemptive in his own campaign to make sure his friends would lie for him; he called every one of his high school and college pals asking them not to reveal his past. Not so surprising, all his (obviously brain-damaged-amnesiac) witnesses—to both his sexual assault and his character—hid at the local pub until the drama was over. Even though this wasn't a criminal hearing, his witness tampering and suppression of evidence are reprehensible.

Time will tell, but there is certainly good cause to disbar and remove Kavanaugh, not only from his new job but from ever pronouncing another verdict on anything. He is a prejudiced, dishonest, elite bigot, not a balanced and reverent assessor of right and wrong.

Presidents aren't supposed to nominate SCOTUS justices on the basis of personal and party loyalty; nominations are expected to be about the appointee's ability to make rational, fair and impartial decisions—ones that we and our children will be living with for years to come. Instead, Trump stiffed the American people with a shove-it-down-our-throats assault. My guess is that many of our fellow citizens are shaking their heads right now wondering, "How can it be?" The answer is no mystery. We are confronted with the ghosts of Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler and Mao and the historic realities that destroyed nations and threatened our world.

What we face is the horrifying merger of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government and the muzzling of the watchdog journalism. Could the patriots who paved the road to an American nation with their blood ever have foreseen how the Constitution could be erased so easily by a narcissistic would-be-king?

We're almost there, folks. While not very pretty, slime is an effective lubricant, ensuring that anything not bolted down will end up a victim of gravity. The morally defective Trump White House and a self-serving Senate have worked their evil; the Constitution is sinking in the swamp. Every girl and woman and every religious and sexual minority is facing decades of persecution at the hands of an imbalanced court determined to run an agenda most Americans do not support.

And once again, the big corporations and the very rich are laughing themselves silly. Their man Trump has created an eccentric Supreme Court—one that will only work for the rich, the powerful and the privileged.

Americans—especially women and minorities—need to remember what happened. The midterms are a chance to help even up the score.

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