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A Secret or Just a Hardened Soul

Friday, April 16



A tattoo parlor might not be the most conventional place for an exhibit of paintings—but for a display of subject matter that falls somewhere between faux-innocent ingénues and wicked femme fatales, SLC Ink is probably just the place. The acrylics on wood panels by Nina Friday elicit interest by hinting at some softness—perhaps a secret vulnerability within the hardened exterior—sheltered in the “sheep’s clothing” of the women’s vintage garb and the mannered style of the art itself.

This Girl Friday doesn‘t have the most conventional bio, either: a self-taught painter originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, who has exhibited at the Alcove Gallery in Atlanta, Saints and Sinners in Baltimore, River’s Edge in Michigan and Delilah’s in Chicago, Kayo gallery in Salt Lake City, and perhaps the most appropriately named of all: Strychnin gallery in Berlin, Germany.

A Secret or Just a Hardened Soul @ SLC Ink Tattooing, 1150 S. Main, 801-596-2061, April 16, 7-11 p.m.

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