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A Slight Discomfort

Thursday March 10 @ Jewish Community Center



It may be about prostate cancer, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hilarious. I mean, just think of the tasteless joke opportunities.

In case you missed its premiere at Salt Lake Acting Company in 2008—or if you caught it and need to see it again—local playwright Jeff Metcalf’s A Slight Discomfort is returning to the Salt Lake City stage for one night only, March 10, at the Jewish Community Center. Based with brutal heartbreaking and sidesplitting honesty on Metcalf’s own experiences of diagnosis and treatment, A Slight Discomfort is brilliantly acted by local favorite Paul Kiernan (pictured) all by his one-man self.

The show is a touching and irreverent exploration of the minutiae of being a family man with a potentially life-threatening and debilitating disease. Some scenes are performed from the point of view of a penis. Some folks find that distasteful—but I call it dark comic gold.

A Slight Discomfort @ Jewish Community Center, 2 N. Medical Drive, 801-581-0098, March 10, 7 p.m., free. ASlightDiscomfort.com

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